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Our Team

Eco Wear is a small UK based company, focused on bringing you Eco-Friendly and sustainable products. Our small group of friends started this company with our main mission to introduce a new way of fashion and lifestyle  focusing on the protection of the environment.

Eco Wear

Long before this website and company was formed the members of our team were trying to do their small part for the planet by actively encouraging recycling in their communities. Some of our members were also keeping their own blog promoting the ideas of a greener future.

Our members had one thing in common, our love for the environment. And so the ECO WEAR was created. Most of the designs are done by us and our subcontracting designers. Our team has put a lot of effort in finding clothes and accessories from around the world, that not only promote Eco awareness but also make a difference in our everyday life

Eco Wear

Our Products

All our products are carefully made and selected with one single purpose, to recuse our fashion footprint and our impact to the environment. In our collections you will find from hoodies made with organic cotton to Tees made from recycled plastic bottles and bamboo!

Apart from the material our products use, we take extra care on how these products are produced that is why we always prefer fairtrade and fairshare. Allowing the people producing our products to get a living wage and work under regulations in cotton cultivation, dyeing, stitching, and every other step in the process of textile production.  

Organic tectile

Browse our products and you shall find cool Eco stuff, like lunch sets made from 100% bamboo for our little friends and organic cotton shopping bags. Or some reusable stainless steel straws to amaze your friends at the upcoming parties!

No matter which item you choose you can be sure you get the best, Eco-Friendly quality at friendly low prices, cause at Eco Wear we believe that sustainable can also be affordable.

Why Organic Cotton?

Organic Cotton

The below table shows a quick comparison between conventional and organic cotton farming.

Comparisson of organic and conventional cotton

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo clothing

Bamboo Eco Wear

Don't forget you are not alone in the journey to a more Sustainable life. The future depends on all of us and our actions as individuals and as part of our community. If at any point you would like to discuss how you can become a better you and live a more sustainable life Eco Wear Team is here to help you. Just get in touch and our friendly team will always be happy to help in any way we can. 

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For any question, you can always find us on our Facebook page, Twitter Instagram. Or if you prefer you can call us or email us on:
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Eco Wear
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